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An ed-tech consultant (University Chemists, ALEKS Corporation) I enjoy being with my wonderful wife, Andrea, and our Standard Poodle (Maddie), two persnickety shelter cats (Belle and Ash), and our Parrot (Loki, a Blue-crowned conure).  I love my work, riding my bike, listening to music, playing guitar, reading, hiking, baseball, and sharing my concerns about the future of the planet and humankind.

I am intensely keen to converse with all of you about whether and how severely the climate change we see is human-caused, and what action we can all start taking now to prevent a bleak future for the young people we love (and even the ones we don’t even know), before I pass from this place into dust.

I hope we can talk via this wonderful blogging medium.

Favorite Rock Bands / Blues Players:

Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Beatles, Freddie King, Albert King, B.B. King, etc.

Loves Me Some Jazz:

Jim Hall, Pat Metheny, Joe Pass, Miles Davis, Aaron Parks


David Foster Wallace, Jonathan Franzen, Dave Eggers, Tobias Wolff, Bill Bryson

People I Admire:
My sweet, wonderful wife, Andrea.  Positive psychologists like Daniel Gilbert (Havard), Daniel Kahneman, great economists like David Frank (Cornell), Amazing chemists and scientists who toil in obscurity but made this world for us, great writers and thinkers and artists and musicians, even a few politicians with the courage to work in such a hostile environment.  I work with some amazing people at ALEKS:  Dr. Christopher Grayce, Wil Lampros, Jimmy Bartlett, Dr. Jean Claude Falmagne (Creator of ALEKS, Knowledge Space Theory), and almost everyone at the office.



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  1. Pink Floyd? Count me in! 🙂
    Hi there. Jakarta (Indonesia), 1970’s. Be it in a car or a crowded bus in a broad daylight, as long as the windows’re open (yes, we can open the bus’ windows those days), the wind would make the people inside feel like ‘new’–afresh. Now? Even in an airconditioned one, it’s hot. And drinkable water is not as everywhere as it used to be. I guess Isaac Asimov is right (about we make this sphere of ours less habitable, day by day).

    So I surely hope this blog (which I believe belongs to someone who cares about tomorrow) will have its voice heard by many.

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