The Harmful Effects of Racing Culture on Biking Culture in the US

I thought the first week of the Tour de France might be a  good time to talk about a book I love, called “Just Ride,” by Grant Peterson:

This book has by itself completely transformed the way I view cycling.  In the US, I see a very humorous (but also sad) biking culture:  a lot of really old and fat and definitely not elite bike racer types nonetheless ride around on really lightweight (16 lbs!), titanium or carbon fiber, low-slung, delicate racing machines, like this guy, for example


















I’m not trying to be mean, but only to ask a question: what convinced this guy to don the Lycra in the first place?  I would be very happy to see him riding a bike for his health, but does he need Shimano Ultegra components, clipless pedals, and that unfortunate Lycra suit to ride?  Of course he doesn’t.

He’d be much better off riding a bike like this:

But the racing industry has fooled most of my friends into thinking they need clipless pedals and a $4,000 tricked out racing bike.  Grant Peterson exposes the myths and helps regular people enjoy biking again.





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